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The Mosaiks system sells.
The Mosaiks system is very simple, as it is almost entirely automatic. 1 . Your site has an email address file of people who have visited your shop, or who have purchased an item, or who have asked you for information by message about an item. 2. You regularly buy new items. With Mosaiks, all you have to do is press a key to send your latest acquisitions to your entire client file. And it works ! Many of our customers only work with the Mosaiks system. f you don't have a customer file, we have solutions, but start building yours now. It is worth gold.
Specific website for antique dealers and decoration: from €1,500 excl. tax (or €39 excl. tax monthly*). With or without online sales. Including: maintenance (optional): 60 excl. tax per month. The guarantee of proper functioning, the purchase of the domain, ssl pro, SSD Nvme hosting, continuous training, and unlimited calls, as well as the Mosaiks system. * Under conditions
100% Gratuite
5, rue du point du jour
92100 Boulogne Billancourt
+33 9 77 21 95 56
Besides the fact that our production is outsourced, see “About us”, we do not need specifications on, for example, the necessary functionalities. We know them all and offer them to you, at your choice. They are very suitable for your job and you just have to choose. Mosaiks sites include all Google recommendations for good natural referencing. See the "Referencing" section in the services.
We create tailor-made high-end catalog or e-commerce sites. To do this, we assign a graphic designer (Bac+4) and an Engineer (Bac+4/5) to a project, responsible for integration, i.e. respecting the models in the programs. After a brief from you, the graphic designer presents all the pages of the site: Home page, category page, article sheet, contact page, request for information, view on Smartphone, etc. It is only after your consent that we integrate the site.
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