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Mosaiks follows Google's recommendations very closely. A technical action carried out once and for all by your service provider, or by Mosaiks. A semantic action to be performed each time an article is created. Mosaics, masters the peculiarities and vocabulary of antiquity and decoration Mosaiks is therefore able to support you in the natural referencing of your website. 1 . The technical action The vast majority of websites are poorly designed for good SEO. The site is beautiful and functional, we stop there. But Google asks for help to “read” your site. So, if the technical action is not carried out, Google, and the other search engines, will not have a good knowledge of who you are, or what you are selling. Mosaiks alerts you to shortcomings concerning the technical action . You can then discuss it with your service provider, otherwise, Mosaiks can take charge of these technical modifications. The sites made by Mosaiks are delivered with zero technical errors in terms of SEO.
2. Semantic action. It is more complex, because it must be carried out each time your site is modified, i.e. each time an article is created. Indeed, you have to put yourself in the place of the person doing the research. Let's take an example. An antique dealer will not put the title "Old chest of drawers", but "Chest of drawers from the 18th century". Do we want to be able to be well positioned for the visitor who is looking for an “antique chest of drawers” ​​without specifying the period? This example is far-fetched, but it shows you the complexity of the semantics from Google's perspective. Another real example. A gallery has 28 signed paintings in stock. 18 searches consisting of "Paintings" or "Oil on Canvas" followed by the name of the painter arrive on the 1st page of Google, out of 28. But there is very little demand. Why ?
3. Mosaiks offers you : Either you do the semantic work yourself, in this case Mosaiks provides training on SEO and follow-up, to allow you to fill in the necessary fields. Either Mosaiks do this work. The training costs €850 excl. tax, and monitoring is included for one year. The realization by Mosaiks of the semantic input is the subject of an estimate and includes the provision of a preliminary study of your site.
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